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What an Honor!

Thank you so much to Northern Bank Charitable Foundation and all those who voted for the First Church Stoneham Food Pantry in the giant piggybank summertime program. The NBCF awarded the food pantry $13,000, which was a much needed windfall!! In July alone we spent more than $1500 for the most needed food items for our clients, in addition to the generous donations of food received from the community.

Congratulations to both the Stoneham Senior Center and the Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham & Wakefield for their awards and for the important work that their organizations do for our community!

((L-R): The Boys & Girls Club’s Anthony Guardia and Katie Cafferty, Northern Bank’s Rosanna Rodriguez, Ana Bojos-Gonzalez, Teresa Evangelista, Michelle Arnold, Stoneham Food Pantry’s Lynn Haddad and the Stoneham Senior Center’s Kristen Spence.

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